What Will Colour Look Like in 2021?

Looking ahead to 2021 let’s explore the colour palettes that we can expect to be in style. The Pantone Institute is predicting, “a range of shades inspired by the beauty of nature.” Clean, warm and earthy are terms that pop up across my research on this topic. I’ll look to my 3 top paint suppliers for their predictions and specific colours.

Colour names for 2021 such as Transcend, Misty Aqua, Big Cypress, Urbane Bronze, Aegean Teal again lean towards natural, organic or metaphysical. Looking at the colours there is great variety. Pantone’s 2020 colour was a deep blue, “Classic Blue.” 2021 has bold colours that should complement or anchor warm, safe spaces.

Dulux PPG names Transcend their colour of the year. Much like the Pantone Institute’s themes of reinvention and flexibility. Dulux PPG calls attention to the themes of mindfulness, intention and wellbeing. Transcend is described as a mid-tone oatmeal or latte coloured hue. For the first time Dulux PPG has a Palette of the Year where we find echoes of the other manufacturer’s colours.

Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore is a dynamic salty Greek sea colour. Comfort, warmth and wellbeing anchor Benjamin Moore’s 2021 palette. This colour looks dynamic. In certain light I can see this being uplifting and energetic. In other light conditions I can see a cool grey coming through. The rest of the palette emotes fog, clay, terra cotta, cashmere and soil. The Benjamin Moore palette is yearly, one of my colour experience highlights.

Sherwin Williams cites sophisticated tranquility with Urbane Bronze. Recognizing that population centers, the urban, might be disentangled from nature at times, Sherwin Williams looks to root a colour scheme in something organic. Urbane bronze should work with all-natural materials, textures and tones. Tranquility is seen as the root of this year’s colour palette. This is the darkest colour of the year” for 2021 that I’ve seen but can’t wait to see it on an accent piece like and old brick fireplace or mantle.

For more on colour and style, see the post on “Warm Minimalism” which alludes to many of these trends. Clean lines and simple furnishings are made inviting with warm organic tones seen across 2021 colour trends. Names of colours and palettes inspire a holistic, sustainable outlook. Metaphysical theories and ideas pop up across the colour palettes in terms like, “biophilia,” “wellbeing,” “transcend” and “reinvention.” Serene interior spaces are anticipated by the colour forecasters for the home oases that are popping up everywhere. We would love to be a part of creating yours.