What to Expect from A Painting Estimate

Whether the complimentary estimate is online or in person there are a few steps that are key to a well-planned project. What is to be painted and why is our first and primary question. The products that would work best and the colours in specific locations can easily be specified well before painters arrive to begin. Scheduling various parts of the estimate delivery, project start/complete times and payment order keep all parties working together.

Painting Preparation Defined

Pro Works Painting Nanaimo offers three general levels of preparation. In both a re-paint and new painting project there are likely to be defects in areas that are to be painted. Minimal preparation is usually done where the look and not longevity is the most desirable feature. We don’t warranty minimal prep jobs as they generally are below the manufacturer’s minimum level of preparation.

Standard preparation meets or exceeds the minimum standard set by the paint manufacturer. Simple things like priming new interior drywall or pressure washing with the appropriate solution on the exterior. Minor defects are corrected before painting starts but some may still be visible after the painting is complete. This level of prep allows for a 1 or 3 year warranty. The number of defects we can correct on a fixed price are usually quantified by a specified number of hours in the estimate.

Re-finishing is the third level of prep we offer. This allows us to achieve the best possible finish but does not allow us to provide a fixed price. The subjective nature of “perfect” has us work closely with our clients to achieve their perfect finish. We will often set benchmark times to test and measure to again keep communicating to produce the best finish possible.

With all levels of preparation, we will identify what should be done and what the causes of the failures in paint are so that our clients are able to make an informed decision.

Selecting the Right Painting Products

With our finish level decided we can choose the products that best serve our purposes. Paint quality affects price but it is not always the case that the most expensive paint is the best for the project. Many top-of-the-line paints are very shiny even if they are called “flat” or “eggshell”. The best acrylics do not seem to satisfy clients that are looking for a really nice flat/matte finish. Solidifying exactly what products are to be used in the estimating stage is important.

The Estimate Process

A project that moves efficiently creates happiness all around. Pro Works Painting Nanaimo has a system for providing clients an estimate, collecting deposits and completing work on time and on budget. There are exceptions to our system to accommodate a client’s specific needs…these usually involve moving from our first introduction to project completion on short timelines.

Generally, we schedule an estimate with a new client at a convenient time. 5-7 days later a written quote is provided and is valid for 30 days. A deposit is collected when the estimate is accepted. Start and finish dates are established. As a rule, we start a project and have workers on site each business day until the project is complete, weather permitting.